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Does video increase engagement?

Statistics around the use of video in marketing a business speak for themselves. A recent report said 86% of marketers believed videos helped boost traffic to business websites and 78% felt videos had directly increased sales. Video has become the new norm in online marketing proving to be the most effective tool to engage an […]

How to motivate your team using video

People are often the biggest investment of any business. How your people behave, how they react, how they perform are all indicative of your business culture and the way they are treated. And two huge parts of maintaining and increasing motivation involve continually keeping people informed and trained. Training should never just consist of an […]

Best way to explain a service using video

Did you know that upwards of 85% of businesses, according to a latest survey, now use video to promote the services they offer. That’s not surprising, really, when you consider how businesses have turned to the increasing number of social media platforms in recent years to let the world know what they have to offer. […]

What are the different ways to promote a product using video?

Video is a cost-effective and engaging way to promote a product, regardless of what you’re selling. You might think your product sells itself through the still imagery you’re using in your marketing efforts. But video can elevate your promotional activity to the next level, giving an all-round view of what your product offers, allowing you […]

How to use explainer videos

Video is ideal for building engagement and getting a message across to your target audience. That’s why many brands choose to use video explainers to introduce their brand or demonstrate a product or service. These short films are the ideal way to convey a message quickly and succinctly. They also can provide a great return […]

How to use videos for training

How to use videos for training Using videos for training is a really effective way to get across information about your organisation or help consumers understand your product or service. Using video instead of face-to-face training can save time and money as well as help people to retain information better. Whether you need to train […]

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Why video is important when recruiting

What do prospective employees find when they search for your business? It’s a competitive market, with job seekers seeking new ways to stand out in the sea of applicants, and the same can be said for employers. Employees are demanding more from their workplaces, from flexible working to wellbeing initiatives and a strong company culture. […]

Why video marketing is so powerful

Back in 2018, the New York Times wrote that we will soon be living in a “post-text” world. With over 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022 (according to Statista), it’s safe to say their prediction was right. Marketing and sales are no longer all about the product, it’s about the brand and […]

How to use videos for recruitment

How to use videos for recruitment Research by LinkedIn shows that 70% of candidates are passive job seekers, so recruiters need to find ways to grab their interest if they are going to attract the top talent. With research by Statista showing that online videos have “an audience reach of up to 93% among internet […]

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