Best way to explain a service using video

Did you know that upwards of 85% of businesses, according to a latest survey, now use video to promote the services they offer. That’s not surprising, really, when you consider how businesses have turned to the increasing number of social media platforms in recent years to let the world know what they have to offer.

They used to say a good picture could tell the story of a thousand words. Well, if that was true, an impactful punchy video, can now replace a thousand pictures – and goodness knows how many thousands of words!

However, selling a customer-relevant service as opposed to a three-dimensional product has its subtle nuances.

Targeting the right audience and identifying the marketplace

Before the camera is even taken out of its protective box the first decision a business must make is to decide who its short piece of commercial film is to be directed at and on what platforms it will be displayed.

Whatever the eventual message about your service, those decisions will determine the tone and backdrop to the storyboard you will first pull together before actually arranging the sequence of filming.

With that in mind you can speak directly to the targeted audience and achieve your desired outcomes.

Keeping your audience engaged

It’s not rocket science to understand that these days, a person’s attention span – whoever they are, is short on social media.

To accept that people generally have fleeting concentration levels is an absolute must in successfully getting your message across. Short and simple are the key instruments – and 60 seconds is the optimum time you have to maintain a viewer’s interest.

So, make sure your storyboard is bang on your brand message and gripping for each and every second.

Selling your service with a smile

The service that a business offers, however you sell it, whether it be face to face, over the phone, or via social media messaging is more often than not promoted via people. People listen to people.

So, whatever the service you are trying to promote using video, either the face or voice of a person should be central to the thrust of the video production. And it must be a smiling face or upbeat voice. It might sound a basic requirement but to rehearse the smile or cheery voice is essential.

Dull face-over or voice-over commentaries will lose your audience in seconds. It is the human element that is the link between the service you are promoting and the customer you are hoping to hook.

Sixty seconds of seizing attention

Like any classical story the promotional video selling your service must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

The storyboard should first describe the service you are promoting; the middle should explain the scenarios where it would be advantageous to a customer; and the conclusion should extol the financial and other benefits a customer could expect to enjoy.

Particularly for a service, the video should evoke emotions, build trust, and most importantly communicate your message more clearly and succinctly.

Showcasing your service

Throughout the video the unique selling points of your service – why it is apart from the rest, why it is a sound investment, and why it would be beneficial to the customer – has continuously to be emphasised.

All of this has to be done visually using stunning, eye-catching, thought-provoking imagery captivating the viewer’s attention and imagination. People associate with real people most of the time but to use slick graphics and animations can also be refreshing and equally appealing.

But every word spoken and every piece of imagery used has to be compelling and relate back to the central theme of the service you are promoting.

And last but not least

Your video, once edited and packaged, is only advantageous if marketed correctly. There is no point parking it in a corner of your website where no one would dream of looking. It must be crucially positioned and significantly signposted from your landing page.

And, essentially, you must use it, perhaps with different edits, on all of the social media message boards you believe are relevant to the customers you are chasing.

Make full use of the social media platforms you readily have to hand like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to firstly broadcast your service yourself and then have it shared by others.

Tracking the success of your video campaign is equally essential, as an analysis of your engagement metrics such as views, shares, comments, and clicks, can identify the reach, demography and popularity of the campaign. This will help to determine the impact of your campaign and take forward learnings and insight for future marketing of services.

We’ve helped many clients market their services using video. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your video engagement to another level.