Does video increase engagement?

Statistics around the use of video in marketing a business speak for themselves. A recent report said 86% of marketers believed videos helped boost traffic to business websites and 78% felt videos had directly increased sales.

Video has become the new norm in online marketing proving to be the most effective tool to engage an audience.

For both B2B and B2C businesses the most watched videos show off their products with how-to and explainer videos driving footfall to websites.

Cost is relative to the financial benefits

Amazingly, almost half of all businesses still aren’t using video to its best effect. Some of this is due to uncertainty around the investment required for professional video content, or the lack of in-house skills to film and edit videos.

But all of this is relative to the financial benefits a compelling short video can have on a business’s performance.

Effective businesses regularly review the marketing budgets they put to one side for video creation and are being surprised by the return on investment.

Video ranks higher in online searches

Short punchy videos are easily memorable for customers and clients, creating an emotionally upbeat connection that leaves a lasting impression and, therefore, an increased engagement.

Used cleverly, videos can also improve a business’s search engine optimisation (SEO) by maximising the opportunity to use keywords for better search results – again increasing that all important engagement.

Video ranks higher in online searches than anything else. Some 62% of google searches include video. Obviously, then, adding video to your website increases your potential exposure which in turn leads to more engagement and awareness.

The tone and content of a video can also determine the perception of the brand and why it stands out from the rest. Building this brand awareness is a great way of increasing the customer loyalty and engagement.

Building up engagement with the customer

A higher volume of engagement with your website or social media platforms leads to a boost in sales and conversions. For instance, stats show that 74% of people who watched an explainer video about a service or product went on to buy it.

These videos provide clear visual demonstrations of products, how they perform, and their benefits, which builds up the interest and engagement with the customer.

As the number of social media platforms grow the whole concept is becoming a more and more powerful tool for sharing video content. And every share equals extra engagement.

Some video content – often the most simple – even has the potential to go viral and then your brand has a universal audience.


Client prompted to make quick decisions

A slick video can prompt a client or customer to make a quick decision rather than slowly working their way through reams of written explanation or still images numbered from 1 to 10.

A video gives the human brain a rest from reading sometimes complicated descriptions by disseminating the information promptly in an often entertaining yet educational way. This keeps the customer engaged rather than falling at the first hurdle of reading an online brochure.

Engagement is easily measured

In business you must always try to keep one step ahead. By not joining the fast-paced digital world and adopting video, you run the risk of customers that are currently engaged with you re-engaging with those that are using video.

And the volume of those re-engaging can be easily counted by analytics. Video marketing provides measurable results. The views, shares, conversion rates, and other metrics will determine which video content has been the most appealing and most engaging.

Video increases engagement, revenue and growth

So, is it really worth considering using videos to promote your business and increase engagement? Should you consider providing the extra resources – or redirecting existing resources – to use videos in your marketing to build larger engagement?

Our answer is yes, it is worth it. Used strategically and correctly you will quickly see video marketing increases engagement, increases in revenue, and increases growth. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your video engagement to the next level.