Ways to use video for business

Did you know that according to a recent survey 82% of internet traffic is prompted by people watching videos, so it’s no surprise that the best way of promoting your business and its brand is by using video.

Brand awareness is important for your business in so many ways – particularly when it comes to marketing your products or services; explaining why clients should do business with you; recruiting new staff; and training your employees.

One video can replace dozens of individual presentations saving you precious time and money as well as opening the door to potential clients and customers who are looking for the services you offer on a google search.

Video content also improves website SEO performance because search engines rank videos highly because of the quality of content. And who doesn’t turn to YouTube when faced with a how-to question. You know you will get the answer in simple video format.

Describing your business in a polished, professional way

No matter what size of business – big, medium, or small – the use of video as a marketing tool is a hugely effective way of promoting products, conducting training sessions and recruiting new employees.

Slick, polished and professional videos can instantly show how slick, polished and professional your company is.

Carefully scripted videos can answer a whole range of questions even before those questions have been asked.

That is because you are in charge of the narrative as you explain your business’s purpose, direction, strengths, culture – and most of all your products or services in manner that is captivating and intriguing.

It is a versatile tool that can entertain as well as educate not only in your local region but – if your markets are worldwide – right across the globe.


Developing a bond with your clients

Generally, processing a lot of information in written form can be difficult on the brain of the reader – your potential customer – and often the core of your story can be lost in a load of text. All of that information can be simplified on video in a way that is memorable and locked into the conscience of the viewer.

People like to listen to people and a video humanises a presentation more than by being delivered in the words of a written sales pitch.

By creating ‘how to’ videos you can help potential customers understand how your products or services work and can be of benefit to them. They also help to build a rapport with the client by offering helpful tips and advice.

And if you are presenting a live event like a conference, product launch or award ceremony you can invite any number of people to share the experience by inviting or directing them to a live stream so that they feel part of the experience, bringing them closer to your brand.

That closeness and sense of belonging can be highlighted by testimonial videos from customers who have been delighted and satisfied by your products or services. There’s nobody better than a satisfied customer to sell your product when they describe how it fitted their need or resolved their problem.

Building the culture of your company

The culture of your company is one of the most compelling reasons why a person might want to join the organisation.

New recruits carry out as much research on a potential employer as the employer does on the potential new employee. Often, the recruit can pick and choose who they would like to work for and workplace culture can be the deal maker or deal breaker.

Video can display what life is like within the business, what values the business has generally, its standing in its particular sector, and what it’s corporate social responsibilities are. To spotlight employees describing the positive attributes of working for the business gives compelling reasons why your business should be a potential recruit’s workplace of choice.

And, of course, not only will it attract the best people, video will improve retention too, by providing clarity on the role available.

Training your staff efficiently and effectively

While video has been shown as an excellent external marketing tool which will help increase the footfall to your business it is also a great tool for internal training.

Imagine how much time and money is saved by producing a programme of training videos that can be watched by the targeted audience in a time that suits them rather than by organising formal training sessions in a designated room and repeating the training sessions over and over again.

Teaching by video is a much more efficient and effective way to relay an educational message as it ensures a constant message told in the same manner each time it is watched by any member of staff.

So, whether it’s for training, recruitment or product promotion, video is versatile and delivers impact. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your video engagement to the next level.