What are the different ways to promote a product using video?

Video is a cost-effective and engaging way to promote a product, regardless of what you’re selling.

You might think your product sells itself through the still imagery you’re using in your marketing efforts. But video can elevate your promotional activity to the next level, giving an all-round view of what your product offers, allowing you to demonstrate how your product works or giving a behind the scenes glimpse into how it’s made.

Turning the camera on what you produce can give potential buyers much more insight than a picture, text or diagram can.

But, as with all marketing efforts, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution – it all depends on what you want to achieve and any challenges you believe customers may have in buying into what you offer.

Stage a demonstration

A demonstration video should do as it suggests – show off the features and benefits of your product. Film your product in-situ to show its scale and operation in a real-world scenario or have someone using it to demonstrate its uses.

It’s an approach we used at Bigtank when working with fitness products provider Slant Board, which sells across the UK and Europe. Product demonstration videos enabled them to provide validation to what they do and interactivity for customers who were shopping online. We used fitness experts in real-life scenarios to demonstrate the products in use, which allowed customers to see the benefits much better than they would in a still picture.

Keep this type of video short and snappy. If potential customers are wavering on a decision you need to win them over quickly.

Let me explain…

An explainer video goes a few steps further than the product demonstration, delving into greater detail – a kind of how-to guide. This is advised where your product may not be immediately understood or you need to spell out exactly what sets it apart from the competition.

For this type of video, you can assume you’re either preaching to the converted – those who’ve already bought your product – or offering further information to those who are on their way to making a purchase. This means you can afford to extend the length of your film, because you have an audience wanting your content.

Floor coverings manufacturer Polyfloor came to us for help promoting their collection of interlocking vinyl floor tiles, for commercial and residential interiors. The film we produced, shot in a studio, captured the entire installation process, explaining the process to customers and highlighting the key benefits.

Lift the lid

Although not purely concentrating on what you’re selling, a behind-the-scenes video can also be an effective way of promoting your product, singling out the expertise, skill and attention that goes into the process – whether in the design or manufacture.

Decide which elements of your business you’re happy to have on film and then press record, allowing your audience instant access to what sets you apart. Showcasing the expertise and effort that goes into a product will be interesting to your audience and demonstrate why they should spend their money with you.

We worked with pet food manufacturer GA Pet Food Partners to produce two video tours of their factories and processes, giving a look at their passion for what they do and the expertise that goes into their products.

Phone a friend

Remember, people trust the views of others, so why not let your existing customers big you up. A customer testimonial video is a powerful way of promoting your product, showing that you do exactly what you claim to do. Why not ask a customer to talk on camera about the product or service they’ve had from you, how you’ve found a solution to a particular issue they had and the impact you’re making on their business.

You heard it here first!

Finally, why not use video to unveil a new product in your range, showcasing its features and highlights. You can drum up excitement in the run-up to the big reveal, using teaser clips on your channels and spreading the word to customers that something big is coming.

Working with a partner like Bigtank can help you find an effective way to get your product out into the world using video. We have extensive knowledge in helping customers showcase what they do on film.

We’ve helped many clients market their products using video. Get in touch to discover what Bigtank can do for your business.