Being A Video Production Company In Lancashire And Why It Works For Us

Lancashire England Map with states and modern round shapes

Having an opportunity to live and work in the same county is certainly useful when it comes to the commute. More importantly though it allows you to feel part of the community, to be a component in the machine. Whilst we have worked all over the UK and further afield with our video production services, the vast majority of our projects are located in the North West and particularly in Lancashire. You only need to look at the Top 100 business charts for the region to see some truly staggering figures on how well businesses in the region are doing and how much prosperity there is.

Talk to any size of business in the region though and you are likely to hear the same things. Passion for what they do and real pride for where they live and work and a genuine sense of belonging when they say that Lancashire is their home……just as we do.

Offering a professional video production service in Lancashire allows us to meet and collaborate with similar-minded people looking to promote their brand. And because we live and work here we find we talk the same language, feel the same pain points and often strive for the same goals.

Bigtank Video Productions was born and raised in Lancashire and has grown from a team of one to now six. We love our Ramsbottom base (we are in the Lancashire part) and find our clients love it too. We have superb access to the motorway when it’s needed, but also plenty of charm and identity that other locations just wouldn’t give us.

We feel that if we are happy in our location, we will be happy in our work and will therefore be better positioned to serve our clients in the best possible way.