Video Insights

Facts tell stories engage

Stories capture our imagination and can be far more powerful tools for marketing than facts and figures. No matter what the industry, there is a story behind every product.

How Corporate Videos Can Help Your Business

6 reasons why corporate videos are much more than just a film.

Reasons to Get your Events Filmed

CAUTION: This vlog contains the ‘C’ word …

Liking is Good, Loving is Better

Your comments matter a lot more than you’d think…

The Key to Engaging Video

The secret to engaging, relevant and commercially effective content is…

The Magic of Live-Streaming

Live-streaming, next-level engagement.

The Quickest, Easiest and Effective Form of Content

You really don’t need to overthink it when it comes to video. Just be confident and passionate.

Make the Most of Your Webcam

Whether you’re filming for a professional shoot with a full crew or a video call from your webcam, there are still little differences you can make to be more engaging in front of the camera.

Is it Time to Worry About AI?

Our trip to the AI Summit at Lancaster University, hosted by Wash Studio and Imagination Lancaster, got us pondering a crucial question: Is AI something creative professionals should be thinking about?

4 Simple Steps to Create Content

Content creation is a minefield, follow these 4 simple steps and you’ll get through safely.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

In our industry, shiny new equipment can be very appealing. But, don’t forget why it’s being used.

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