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We have worked with companies and brands of all shapes and sizes but one aspect that links all our projects are the three key elements we identify to ensure that the video we create is commercially effective:

Objective – Why are we making the video? What does it need to say and how should the content ‘feel’ to the viewer? And vitally, what do we want the viewer to do when they see this content.

Creative Approach – What visual treatment and creative styles will be right for our client’s audience? What production level will ensure that the viewer receives the content and then acts on it.

Marketing Strategy – How will viewers find the content? Is it for social media, a website, a trade event or all of these?

By ensuring we focus on these three key elements it ensures that our videos are fit-for-purpose, engaging and compel the viewer to interact with our client’s products and services.

In short- our corporate videos help our clients Tell Their Story, Engage Their Market and Grow Their Business.

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'As a firm which prides itself on it’s warmth and distinctive personality we wanted to showcase this with our staff at the forefront of our marketing content. Bigtank came on board with experience in this sector and had the perfect treatment to make us stand out from competitors whilst making the process enjoyable with collaboration whilst always keeping a keen eye on creativitiy.

The content is tailored to specific departments and campaigns, enables us to recruit, advertise and provides us with a valuable comms tool to engage effectively with our customers and potential Farleys recruits.’

- Reta Rose, Associate Partner (Marketing, People & Engagement), Farleys Solicitors.

'The projects we’ve undertaken with Bigtank have been varied across health, housing, and education. Their professionalism comes through at every stage, the team are second to none when it comes to creating a powerful solution, putting clients’ minds at ease, not just in front of the camera but when it comes down getting the message right, all content hits the mark and creates impact.

We recommend video across several campaigns, whether it be to inform potential employees through recruitment campaigns, translating key messages through animation to support healthy outcomes or promoting a school to potential parents and students. Their understanding of the project goes beyond visuals and turns ideas into results, and nothing is every too much of a problem for them. Together we make a great team and that hopefully comes through in the work we do!'

- Dave Bennett, Business Development Manager, Creativeworld.

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The work that Bigtank has done has had a transformative impact on our revenue streams and the connections we’ve been able to make with our target market.

Oliver Knott IDL - International Dyslexia Learning Solutions

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