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At Bigtank, one of the most exciting parts of the work we do is that we get to meet other business owners from all walks of life, from all industries and from all sizes of company from one man band start-ups to tech billionaires in silicon valley.

Across the board, as a human interest angle and as storytellers, we have always been fascinated how individuals run their businesses, what excites them and what challenges them and their general outlook to running a company.

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Maxine Nwaneri, The Future is Greater

To start us off, our first interview is with the ever-inspiring Maxine Nwaneri. Bestselling author, public speaker, presenter and executive coach to teams and individuals around the world. A champion for women in business, formerly an employee of IBM and with a book coming out in 2023 she brings experience of climbing the ladder and proving herself in a male dominated industry aswell as motivational advice for starts ups and CEOs alike.

Miranda Barker OBE

We are delighted to welcome Miranda Barker OBE to the Bigtank virtual studio. Miranda’s role as Chair of the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce means she has a unique view on the business community and shares not only the lessons she has learned in her own experiences but those of the businesses she and the chamber support every day.

Lee Chambers, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing

Lee Chambers has probably had more life experience than people twice his age and over the last 20 years has been involved in everything from games design to public speaking to psychological wellbeing. His journey has seen him tackle some very tough challenges both personal and business, and the lessons contribute to his work today as a champion for mental health awareness in the workplace across the world.

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It's allowed us to develop the brand further and explore a new avenue that's never really been explored within the business.

Chris Corrigan Fagan & Whalley - national logistics provider specialising in storage and transport of food goods

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