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Engagement through video is only achievable with the right combination of skill, style and storytelling.

And at Bigtank we have all of these in abundance, with 20+ years of creative experience and time served skills we know how to grab an audience’s attention with content that drives engagement. Whatever the challenge is that we are tackling (Marketing, Recruitment, Training Communication) our content is created with the end goal and beyond in mind to ensure positive ROI, positive brand reinforcement and positive experiences all round.

The method for achieving engagement through video can take many forms:

Marketing Campaigns

Video is now a staple of marketing and with video becoming the most engaged with form of content, is a must have for any marketer’s toolkit. Providing a glimpse of what your product or service can do for a customer or their brand builds trust, displays confidence in your product’s ability and levels up your online customer experience. All this drives positive brand reinforcement and increases your chance of achieving goals and achieving effective communication with your key stakeholders and end users.

Recruitment Campaigns

Recruitment is a challenge that transcends sector. Whatever the industry, attracting (but vitally retaining) the right talent is vital. With job markets being so competitive, content must provide candidates with an aspirational, motivating, and honest view of life and opportunities within a brand. Our content gives recruiters across sectors the tools to level up their onboarding and develop working relationships with impact and longevity.

Training Content

Studies show that companies with video training take 40-60% less time than traditional classroom methods to train staff, with efficiency generating 218% higher revenue per employee. Training staff to industry standards means companies must have content that makes an impression, generates engagement and a lasting impact on the consumer. Our video training work across sectors, ensures fully informed staff, customers and team leaders, providing compelling and efficient ways of delivering vital information across organisations.

Communication Campaigns

For effective communication, video is proven to be one of the most engaged with and successful mediums. Beyond marketing and sales functions, video communication tools are a must for establishing and maintaining long relationships with stakeholders in and outside of organisations. Our content crosses sectors and shapes the identities of companies, with internal communication projects enabling clients to engage with workforces of all sizes and external content giving them the tools to engage with stakeholders beyond their ranks.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Filmed creative content is not always the best medium to use when a company has a story to tell or a product to promote. There are projects when bold, punchy motion graphics and text are the perfect solution. At Bigtank, we have many years of experience in creating stand-alone animated visual projects as well as combining professionally filmed footage with graphic overlays and moving text.


The Corporate Video

The most tried and tested form of video engagement is the corporate video, the flagship piece of the video marketers arsenel, they are a perfect way of summarising your product, service, ethos, and value proposition.

Case Studies

One of the most effective uses of video content is in capturing your business success stories from the mouths of your clients. Written testimonials are effective but seeing and hearing a client sing your praises is incredibly powerful. It adds authentic validation and helps the viewer connect on an emotional level with your brand, thus increasing their chance of engagement.


Product Demos

It is a proven fact that companies that use video to help sell their products achieve more positive results than those that sell similar products without using video. 96% of people will turn to video to learn more about a product or service so providing supporting video content to back up information will increase opportunities for conversions.

Event Highlights

Capturing events through video allows companies to extend the value of the occasion beyond the day itself by allowing those online to share in the atmosphere and get a flavour of the event. If promotions are for annual events then recording delegate tetimonials adds extra value and impact for the viewer, encouraging those watching to sign up, take part or enquire about future events.

Virtual Events

Virtual award ceremonies allow companys to host events and bring together clients, partners, sponsors and delegates from around the world. Facilitated through virtual recording methods and combined with filming in physical locations, we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the technology and communications sector to produce events that can be shared across global networks and channels.

Drone Services

Bigtank provide professional drone services throughout Lancashire and beyond. We pride ourselves on delivering great results matched to superb customer service and the utmost attention to safe operations.

Social Media Content

It is a proven fact that social media content that incorporates video has far more reach and impact than traditional text or image-based posts. Whilst the same rules about having a relevant message, creative treatment and an identified audience are just as important for social media content as they are for corporate video content, our social media content shouts louder to cut through the marketing ‘fog’ and ensure the viewer is engaged.

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