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Studies show that companies with video training take 40-60% less time than traditional classroom methods to train staff, with efficiences generating 218% higher revenue per employee. Training staff to industry standards means companies must have content that makes an impression, generates engagement and a lasting impact on the consumer. Our video training work across sectors, ensures fully informed staff, customers and team leaders, providing compelling and efficient ways of delivering vital information across organisations.


Health & Safety Training

As a rapidly growing organisation, a key challenge for Spacecare is ensuring that exacting standards of service, care and safe operations are maintained throughout their workforce and that means having a razor-sharp focus on staff training and development. We developed their existing risk assessment documents into engaging, easy to digest training films that allow their workforce to operate the machinery on site safely, efficiently and effectively.

“At Spacecare, we provide the highest level of estate maintenance and facility management for our clients. As a rapidly growing organisation, a key challenge is ensuring that our exacting standards of service, care and safe operations are maintained throughout our workforce and that means having a razor-sharp focus on staff training and development.

Bigtank understood or challenge perfectly and were able to develop our existing risk assessment documents into engaging, easy to digest training films that allow our workforce to operate the machinery we use on site safely, efficiently and effectively. Throughout the project, Bigtank’s service was exceptional. They were professional, helpful, collaborative, constructive and were clearly focussed on delivering the commercial results we needed with minimal fuss and with minimal disruption to our business’.

– Matt Sayers, Commercial Director, Spacecare.

Mercedes Benz Trucks

Actros Driver Training

The challenge facing Mercedes was rolling out the worldwide education package for drivers of the new Actros 5. With many new features it was important that they had content that was consumable and engaging. The success of the content for the UK market has lead to roll outs of video around the world with translations into 11 different languages spreading the application of Mercedes video content across multiple markets.

Pentagon Motor Group

Internal Sales Training Package

Pentagon are one of the nation’s biggest new and used car dealerships. They pride themselves on the highest quality of service from the very first interaction and to standardise their sales process across the brand they needed training content that brought this to life. To maintain the same level of sales quality across their network, we covered the process using actors, recreating each scenario of the customer journey. This content is now rolled out across the the network of dealerships to instruct any new and existing sales staff within the company.

“At Pentagon Motor Group, we pride ourselves on delivering an impeccable level of service to our customers and as such, we take staff training and development very seriously. In the months following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, we had started to develop some training scripts that would standardise our sales and aftercare approach across all of our dealerships but we needed to find a company who could bring these to life for us.

We were introduced to Bigtank through our marketing agency and from the outset, we knew we were in the safest of hands. From looking at Bigtank’s website, we knew the visual quality of their work was the high-standard we needed, but what really impressed us was their focussed approach on really drilling down what we needed to achieve commercially from the project and then creating a super-efficient production timeline that would get us where we needed to be. From script-editing to planning the filming days, finding actors and managing the actual filming days, Bigtank were exceptional at every stage and a pleasure to work with.

We now have a suite of training videos that absolutely represent the professionalism, care and attention that Pentagon stand for and will ensure our staff can continue to deliver the very best service to our customers across our network of sites. Safe to say, we would not hesitate to recommend Bigtank to any other business who value quality, attention to detail, great service and superb returns on their investments”.

–  Richard Sheppard CMgr FCMI, Chief Sales/F&I Process and Compliance Officer, Motus Group (UK) Ltd.


Product Induction

Safespaces’ products are used in family homes, schools, hospitals and for travel. With products serving people with complex needs it is important that they are as user friendly as possible therefore a supporting body of training content is vital to help the end user. Our package totalled more than 30 videos covering 6 different products, highlighting: features, benefits and clear step by step instructions on assembly, maintenance and day to day use. These now form some of the company’s e-commerce material and supporting content for after sale communication.

‘It has been a pleasure to work with the Bigtank team! From the start, we knew we were in safe hands. They were keen to understand our business and were extremely professional throughout the entire process. The quality of their work is excellent, their creative input and suggestions are spot-on, and they are a joy to work with. They are efficient and willing to go the extra mile to make sure everything is as promised and the end results are simply brilliant!’
– Libby Wilmott, Marketing Manager, Safespaces.


Aircraft Catering Vehicle Training

With three business segments of Airline Catering, International Event Catering, and Restaurants, Lounges & HotelS, DO&CO offer Gourmet Entertainment all over the world. For their Airline Catering division, heavy machinery is used daily and it is vital that all staff are fully trained on how to operate quickly, efficiently and most importantly safely within an airside environment. Our training series (introduced with the induction video here) provided in depth step by step guides on how to operate machines and complete vital pre-shift checks ensuring operations were completed to industry standards.

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