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As part of our animation offering at Bigtank, 3D technology allows us to produce content that would be otherwise impossible to film. Particularly in industries like automotive and manufacturing, features and benefits of products can be highlighted and fully demonstrated.



Create engagement and impact with our animation services.

Filmed creative content is not always the best medium to use when a company has a story to tell or a product to promote. There are projects when bold, punchy motion graphics and text are the perfect solution. At Bigtank, we have many years of experience in creating stand-alone animated visual projects as well as combining professionally filmed footage with graphic overlays and moving text.

Where suitable, we can often incorporate existing client’s assets into a production such as still images, logos and fonts to give a polished final product but without the associated costs of having to create assets from scratch.

Converting static PDF documents into engaging and compelling social media content is another very effective use of motion graphics. Key messages from the document are brought to life giving them access to a much wider audience than simply having a document to download or email.

In short, our animation and motion graphics help our clients to Tell Their Story, Engage Their Market and Grow Their Business.

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It was that awareness of what it was that we were trying to do that makes every pound we spent with them absolutely worthwhile.

Euan Aitken Zigaflow

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