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Farleys are one of the leading law firms in the North West. They pride themselves on combining legal expertise with a real down-to-earth approach and needed a way to express this.

To bust the myth that instructing a solicitor should be a painful and daunting process, content was required that shows the firms approachability and caring attitude.

Bigtank used its experience of working within the legal sector to capture the Farleys personality in a visually-compelling way aswell as conducting the interviews so that not only the firm’s skills came across but vitally it’s down to earth personality.

This content now provides the firm with a way of engaging with their potential customers and communicating their skills and offering in a stylish and compelling way that will help convert views into inquiries.

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As a firm which prides itself on it’s warmth and distinctive personality we wanted to showcase this with our staff at the forefront of our marketing content. Bigtank came on board with experience in this sector and had the perfect treatment to make us stand out from competitors whilst making the process enjoyable with collaboration whilst always keeping a keen eye on creativitiy.

The content is tailored to specific departments and campaigns, enables us to recruit, advertise and provides us with a valuable comms tool to engage effectively with our customers and potential Farleys recruits’.

Reta Rose, Marketing Manager, Farleys Solicitors.

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Review Quotes

Bigtank are really easy to work with and go to a lot of trouble to complete the project. We had great feedback on the final video. Bigtank are a fantastic company to work with, I can wholly recommend them.

Lorraine Armstrong Burning Desire

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