International Translations

International Translations


Mercedes Benz Actros 5 Training – Korean


Increasingly in these ever more connected times the world is a much smaller place and we find more and more companies have an international client base. However the fact that a company may be in another country dosen’t reduce the need for emotional engaging content.

Our international re-versioning service allows companies to deliver engaging and targeted content to markets around the globe maximizing their sales opportunities.

This service includes all spoken word, on screen text, calls to actions and social media content to ensure that your brands values and message is clearly delivered and received.

Languages we have worked with include: Czech, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Korean, Poland, Portugal, Romanian, Russian and Spanish.

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Bigtank are really easy to work with and go to a lot of trouble to complete the project. We had great feedback on the final video. Bigtank are a fantastic company to work with, I can wholly recommend them.

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