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Video is now one of the most engaging forms of content, becoming a necessity in every marketers toolkit. Show off your product or the services you provide and give your audience a glimpse of what you can do for their brand. Video helps you to blow your own trumpet a bit, show the confidence you have in your brand whilst engaging with your customer. It drives positive brand reinforcement and increases your chance of acheiving goals and effective communication with key stakeholders and end users.


Site Launch Promotions

Tenpin is one of the largest tenpin bowling brands in the UK, with 40+ bowling centres across the country. With an ever growing network of sites the need for constant marketing is high. Our work over recent years has been heavily focussed on producing content for new and redeveloped sites which form part of their marketing and communication plans around the day of launch and thereafter with specific content for specific regions forming part of their marketing toolkit.


Rail and Fire Technology Focus

Tenmat products are implemented globally and in everyday infrastucture, with millions of people being affected positively by them every day. For products with such an impact it was important that every feature and benefit was promoted and highlighted with a visual style that matched the high value of their service. For rail and fire protection projects, 3D technology was employed to recreate scenarios and visuals that would be otherwise very difficult to capture clearly. Using in-house capabilities, exact replicas of technology allows for specific components to be highlighted and explained, effectively communicating their value proposition.

“Our products are implemented globally and in everyday infrastructure, with millions of people being affected by them every day. For products with such an impact it is important that every unique feature and benefit is promoted and celebrated. Bigtank understood this from day one and brought amazing technical and creative solutions to this, on top of a brilliant customer experience. The visuals are amazing, and the finished products educate our target audience on our high value proposition, giving us new ways of targeting customers”.

– Frankie Turner, Group Marketing Manager, Diamorph Group.

Que Bella

E-commerce and Social Media Content

Since 2011 Que Bella has become one of the biggest providers of skincare products in the UK and has become become Target’s best-selling mask brand available in the US’ second-largest retailer. Their mission is to encourage others to love themselves, believe in self-confidence, and to make others as passionate about skincare as they are. For use on their e-commerce platforms we produced a series of bright, fun product demonstrations in our studio where the stars of Que Bella showcase the benefits and application of high quality skincare.

“For Que Bella especially we do have a requirement to launch any new products online with our retailer with at least one video. This is something we are audited against and currently we have the highest possible digital content score within the threshold. Our journey with Bigtank has been seamless and we thoroughly enjoy working with them. Nothing is too much hassle, and we are never kept waiting for a response”.

– Steph Maguire, Marketing Manager, Design Plus Health and Beauty.

Department for International Trade

Export Champion Case Studies

The Department for International Trade is responsible for striking and extending trade agreements between the United Kingdom and foreign countries, as well as for encouraging foreign investment and export trade.

As part of a campaign entitled ‘redefining trade’, we captured the stories of North West based companies who have benefitted from the help of the DIT. These form part of a online campaign to encourage other UK manufacturers to embrace exporting.

“From the outset Bigtank understood the message we wanted to convey and captured the real essence of Lancashire’s exporting companies. There is a real relatability to the films, irrespective of your business size, sector or experience. They made the whole process really seamless. They really understood what I needed to acheive”.

– Lynne Gillen, Export Manager – Lancashire, Department for International Trade.

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