Mercedes Benz Trucks

Mercedes Benz Trucks


Actros 5 & Driver Training


As part of an ongoing relationship with Mercedes Benz, Bigtank have worked on promotional, training and marketing content for a variety of departments.

The product range is diverse and our skills have been applied to the haulage, public transport and public service areas of Mercedes’ offering. Projects have been used to train drivers and operators on the various technologies that Mercedes pride themselves on producing.

In the commercial vehicles world the Actros 5, Arocs, Econic and Unimog have all received the Bigtank treatment, while in the public transport sector the eCitaro took centre stage in a series of videos made for it’s UK launch in 2021.

The success of the content for the UK market has lead to roll outs of video around the world with translations into 11 different languages spreading the application of Mercedes video content across multiple markets.


More videos we've done for Mercedes Benz...

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Review Quotes

Bigtank are really easy to work with and go to a lot of trouble to complete the project. We had great feedback on the final video. Bigtank are a fantastic company to work with, I can wholly recommend them.

Lorraine Armstrong Burning Desire

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