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Prefix Systems


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Since 1996, Prefix Systems has grown to become one of the UK’s leading conservatory roof system manufacturers.

From an outsiders point of view they just made conservatories and knowledge of their processes and methods wasn’t as widely known. Content was needed to educate their customers and stockists on their vertically integrated setup and why Prefix is the perfect choice.

Manufacturing and industrial units can be particularly busy and sometimes hazardous environments. Our experience with manufacturing companies allows us to navigate professionally and carefully utilising visual aspects relative to the brief.

Asking the Prefix team the right type of technical questions in a way that allows personal and emotive responses shows the customer is always front of mind thus triggering viewers to pick up the phone.

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Bigtank are really easy to work with and go to a lot of trouble to complete the project. We had great feedback on the final video. Bigtank are a fantastic company to work with, I can wholly recommend them.

Lorraine Armstrong Burning Desire

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