Rada Showers

Rada Showers




Working in conjunction with Manchester Marketing agency SLG & leading commercial photography house Loop Photography, Bigtank were commissioned to produce a series of films to highlight the new and innovative range of products that had been developed by Rada, part of the Kohler Group of companies. Particular challenges included lighting as most of the products were highly reflective, and also finding the right filming location. Initially it was discussed to use ‘real’ locations for the hospital, school and leisure centre scenes but a more efficient and controllable solution was developed and that was to physically build the sets at Loop’s studios.

Lighting was still very much a challenge but the end result defied the fact that this was in fact all done in studio. The Rada logo that you see at the start and the end of the film was also ‘live action’ filming using super slow-motion and again, incorporating the superb lighting and camera skills of Alex Dove. Match the live action to some superb 3D animation and motion graphics and you have an end result that wowed our clients and also proved to be a great commercial success.

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Bigtank are an integral part of our team. They do everything on time and on budget, and are completely proactive in aligning themselves with what we need to achieve. I thoroughly recommend them.

Kashif Naqshbandi Frank Recruitment Group

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