Frank Recruitment Group

Frank Recruitment Group


Marketing, Internal and Recruitment Package


Frank Recruitment Group are a Global Leader in Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft 365 professional recruitment. Throughout our years of working with FRG we have produced content for multiple purposes; virtual events, staff case studies, recruitment content and most recently their overview video, which was rolled out globally.

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I have built a team 80 strong to deliver marketing services across the entire business and video is the only one I outsource because I consider Bigtank to be an integral part of the team; they are completely pro-active in terms of aligning themselves about what we need to achieve and I thoroughly recommend them.

– Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer

Review Quotes

Bigtank are an integral part of our team. They do everything on time and on budget, and are completely proactive in aligning themselves with what we need to achieve. I thoroughly recommend them.

Kashif Naqshbandi Frank Recruitment Group

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