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Established in 2003, True Bearing is a Chartered financial planning firm providing tailored financial planning services on pensions, investments, financial protection, inheritance tax planning and much more.

To build the company’s online presence, profiles of team members were created to show potential and current clients the faces behind the brand. Due to the nature of the business it is vital that the viewer warms to and trusts the True Bearing team. Content was tailored so everyone from director level to frontline staff were represented and customer testimonials add an extra level of authenticity to the online user experience of True Bearing’s customer base.

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Our relationship with Bigtank has spanned over 10 years from some of our earliest promotional material to our latest company client testimonials. What we need to achieve as an organisation goes beyond explaining our services, crucially what we want is clarity on our culture, work ethos and brand values as these are what separate us from our competitors. Bigtank understand that effective communications are essential, what they give us are the tools to do this and deliver positive reinforcement to our stakeholders

- Jayne Raven, Marketing Manager, True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners.

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It's more than just a transactional relationship, and I would be lost without Bigtank.

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