Jerry Van Dyke

Jerry Van Dyke


Passenger Story


Bigtank proudly presents the Passenger Story from Journeys by Jerry Van Dyke; Real people talking about their real experiences on board their 2 week river cruise along the Danube river. Bigtank travelled with the Jerry Van Dyke passengers on the fabulous trip and captured the experiences of the customers as well as the beautiful surroundings of central Europe. As part of the project, we also travelled to the company’s head-quarters in Canada to show the start of a passenger’s journey and to give viewers an insight into the team behind this dynamic family-run business. The end result was a series of videos to populate the company’s website and social media channels.

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Review Quotes

Right from the start, I had a great impression that this was going to be a good fit. They are very easy to work with and quick on communication. It just worked well – actually better than well, it was fantastic!

Jeremy Van Dyke Journeys by Van Dyke

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