How to motivate your team using video

People are often the biggest investment of any business. How your people behave, how they react, how they perform are all indicative of your business culture and the way they are treated.

And two huge parts of maintaining and increasing motivation involve continually keeping people informed and trained. Training should never just consist of an employee’s induction course. Training should be ongoing as the business evolves in the ever-changing commercial environment.

As one business owner once said to us: “It’s better to train someone and they leave, than not to train them and they stay!”

So, what form should the passing on of company information and overseeing training take?

And how can those motivational messages be imparted? Simple, use video.

What the focus should be

As more people are working from home it’s vital to find compelling ways to keep everyone connected and excited about the work they are doing and using video is a great way to achieve this.

To engage and motivate your team via video you need content that:

· Encourages bonding and team building

· Teaches new skills

· Improves personal performance

· Achieves business targets

· Enhances what the company stands for.

All of which must be done, not only in an educational but also in an entertaining way.

Keep the tone upbeat

From the opening second it is crucial that the video should grab people’s attention setting the right tone for the particular message you are relaying.

Making the video content relatable and engaging is key to its success. It can feature people from the team or common-place scenarios that instantly engage attention and a familiar connection.

And over-riding everything should be an upbeat mood of positivity and, in some instances, fun and smiles.

This can be provoked by animations, creative graphics and background music to set an upbeat tone. Even the most complex of concepts can be simplified by vibrant visuals and sounds.

Embrace being part of a group

Even when you are showing the video to people working remotely there are ways of including them in the presentation. One method to consider is to make it interactive.

Pose questions, use video quizzes and polls, feature real-work examples and encourage feedback. Remember, sometimes the best ideas within a business come from across the teams so feedback could prove invaluable.

Also, by creating debate within the video, it can help foster a sense of community spirit amongst the staff as they deliberate on their answers and share their thoughts – all good for group motivation.

Share success stories

Success, as they say, breeds success, so make sure to share success stories on your videos. They help to motivate and inspire others to achieve. This builds a spirit of friendly competitiveness and more importantly gives the team, as a whole, a competitive edge when pitching against other businesses.

Videos showing individual and team triumphs should be shared across the company’s social media channels and the pride it brings across the staff can be a great motivator to maintain pushing forward by matching and even smashing previous achievements.

Measure the impact

While the use of video can be a powerful tool in helping to motivate and achieve company goals it’s important to monitor and measure the results of your video strategy to help you understand its effectiveness and whether adjustments need to be made to the style and approach in the future.

The response from your team is the ultimate measure of impact. If their motivation is primed to such a degree that the bottom line of the business improves to the level you hoped, then you should feel it’s a job well done!


At Bigtank we are experienced in producing motivational videos in collaboration with businesses. Get in touch to find out how we can help you take your video engagement to another level.