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Recruitment is a challenge that transcends sectors. Whatever the industry, attracting (but vitally retaining) the right talent is vital. With job markets being so competitive, content must provide candidates with an aspirational, motivating and honest view of life and opportunities within a brand. Our content gives recruiters across sectors the tools to level up their on-boarding and develop working relationships with impact and longevity.

Frank Recruitment Group

Global Recruitment Campaign

As specialists in recruitment for the IT industry, FRG must have the very best talent in their ranks. Therefore top level recruitment content is essential to showcae the opportunities and challenges candidates face. Over a relationship spanning 10+ years, FRG have employed content from Bigtank to engage internally with their global network and attract the right talent across the board.

“Bigtank are an integral part of our team. They do everything on time and on budget, and are completely proactive in aligning themselves with what we need to achieve. I thoroughly recommend them”.

Kashif Naqshbandi, Chief Marketing Officer, Tenth Revolution Group.


Fort Vale Engineering

Apprentice Recruitment

Fort Vale Engineering is the world leader in the precision manufacture of valves and fittings for the transportation of bulk liquids in the tank container, road tanker and rail industries.

Not only do they produce world class products they pride themselves on developing world class staff and their apprenticeships are at the very start of this journey. Knowledge of Fort Vale wasn’t as wise spread as other Lancashire apprenticeship providers and they needed to combat this by creating more awareness of the brand and it’s apprenticeship scheme.

“I have worked with Rob Hallam and the Bigtank crew for over 7 years now on various projects and always found them to friendly and professional in all aspects of their work. Rob’s perception is unbelievable, we can sit and chat for 30 minutes and the initial video will be very close to our requirement with little editing required. The team always help the interviewee’s to relax which gives them chance to answer the interviewers questions. In short I would highly recommend them, and we wouldn’t use anybody else”.

– Andrew Bryce, Director for Innovation, Fort Vale Engineering.


UK Recruitment Campaign

Concentrix is the world leader in customer experience outsourcing. With offices around the world they naturally have a high staff turnover. To combat this we worked with teams across UK sites to capture life as a Concentrix employee and highlight the benefits, but more importantly, the challenges that come with a career in customer care. This content now forms a vital part of their onboarding process and acts a a valuable tool in deterring those who are not a right fit for the brand, thus decreasing churn rates.


Global Tech Skills Recruitment Campaign

As part of global brand, Tenth Revolution Group, Revolent have spent 15 years sourcing the best talent for niche technology platforms. They pride themselves on their training and upskilling opportunities, diverse and inclusive policies and charitable efforts across the globe.

Collaborating with some of the largest tech brands in the world, Revolent have a big need for recruitment content which attracts the very best candidates to the team. The content produced has a place at the heart of their recruitment campaigns aswell as marketing content which spreads the word to their external and internal stakeholders.

“Revolent’s mission is to bridge the digital skills gap by helping people find their next great role in the cloud. A huge part of this is digital content that must be engaging, exciting, and make people want to work for us. Bigtank’s experience in talent acquisition makes them a natural partner for this and they are experts at creating content that works. They are also great at helping us shape our content for each campaign and their collaborative, open, and always professional approach to working with us is a real benefit”.

– Michelle Lord, Talent Acquisition Marketing Manager, Revolent.

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