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Amplifon are a global leader in hearing care. As part of their marketing, they use video to communicate advice, case studies and beat common misconceptions about hearing. At the forefront of this campaign is their chief medical advisor, Dr Sarah Jarvis who also shares her favourite sounds and meets those who have benefitted from being customers of Amplifon.

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Our relationship with Bigtank has been successful from the beginning. Their work has spanned the biggest projects of our calendar, from virtual conferences, awards ceremonies, and the launch of a new marketing campaign.

In each instance, the output has been of the highest quality and delivered with great service: but more importantly, it allows us to communicate with stakeholders in a way that captures their imagination and drives interaction with the brand. We would definitely recommend Bigtank to companies who wish to do the same.

Claire Gilligan, Amplifon UK.

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It's more than just a transactional relationship, and I would be lost without Bigtank.

Georgina Sims-Stirling GA Pet Food Partners - international providers of the world's finest pet food

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