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Attract, retain and motivate the best people for your business.

The recruitment goal of most companies is to attract, retain and motivate the very best people into the business. Often, this is easier said than done as there are many factors that can make the recruitment journey a difficult one. One tried and tested ‘tool’ a company can use to attract the right people into a business and to help them develop into valued members of a team is with authentic, honest and compelling video content.

For the past ten years, Bigtank have been creating video content for clients specifically geared to maximise the effectiveness of their recruitment drives as well as to motivate the current work-force. By giving potential new recruits a true insight into a company’s operating procedures, environments and ethos, it helps funnel the most suitable candidates into the interview process whilst importantly, putting off those who wouldn’t be suitable.

Equally, as a motivation tool, showing how team members have overcome certain working challenges or have hit certain targets, video has a dramatic effect in reducing a company’s churn rate – saving them considerable budget and time.

In short, our recruitment and HR video services help our clients Attract, Retain and Motivate the very best people for their industries.

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